True Wuv

by juansolo

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This is the first single off my upcoming album "Alight". I hope you truly wuv it.


True Wuv

After the apocalypse has killed off all the other guys
And in the park I find you crying underneath the fallout skies
You hug me like we’ve always been together through the crazy times
And then we raid deserted supermarkets for nostalgic finds
You grab the frozen cookie dough and I some stale Italian bread
We picnic by the river as the sunset flashes violet
We look into each other’s eyes a moment we will not forget
Though in my mind I know that even now you do not love me yet

After storms have sunk our ship we’re tigers on a lifeboat’s prow
The rations last, and then we fish together with our paws held out
The sky at night is beautiful and gleaming with a thousand stars
But even seas of rainbow beasts still fail to compete with your heart
We somehow beach in Italy and kindly raid the pizza shops
We fade in Tuscan jungles bathing sun among the golden crops
And even though this should be it, the day that you and I are one
I look into your tiger eyes and see that you’re still far from won

After all the schools have closed and you and I are finally free
We spend our summer having fun and dancing till we cannot breathe
Herro Sugar, Strumpet, and Sweet Thursday making new CD’s
Everybody’s wishes coming true and strumming major keys
Someday I will ask you out and you will say that’s good with me
We go someplace generic and we talk about what indie means
And by some crazy miracle I look in to your eyes and see
That even though we’ve barely met I think you are in love with me


released April 9, 2013



all rights reserved


juansolo Richmond, Virginia

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